i love andrew bush's photographs made while traveling along the highways of the US. i always feel a bit like a creep looking at other people while i drive, but i can't help wondering what they're up to and where they are going {and why they are driving 40 in a 55, sheesh!}. he's got tons of these photos and it was really really hard to choose just a few to show, so you should go look at his website and/or buy the book!

{found via new shelton}


  1. wow these photos are great. everyday we pass at that speed within that proximity. it gives me the same feeling i get when i look at the outside of an apartment building. human beings! GREAT IMAGES!

  2. i love these! they remind me of restless summer road trips in california with my family, in which i'd pass the time by making silly faces at strangers out the backseat window.