dear ugly deer.

when i went home to my parents house for christmas i was in charge of decorating the house, as my mother had just gotten a new job and was too busy to do so. now, my mom likes to coordinate the house to the holidays, which means that there were 5 or 6 boxes {some waist high} to rummage through and try to remember where everything is 'supposed' to go. in this process i found this:
once again this picture stinks because the light in my room is terrible and the flash on my camera blows everything out, but the color of this deer is wonderful; bright orangey-red. also it's flocked and has a gold bell around it's neck. in all my years i had never seen it displayed and i asked my dad why not. his response "because it's ugly!" apparently it was my great grandmothers and that's why it never got thrown away. i asked if i could have it and then it was mine! hooray! except that i forgot to bring it home when i left and i just got it to my house this week. cris hates it and says it looks like satan.

also, this weekend we went to the natural science museum where we hung out in the butterfly conservatory, learned about arctic life and saw a 9 year old with a mustache. it was very natural and scientific.

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