paper cuts.

a while ago i was tooling around on ebay and i came across this seller listing a whole bunch of ‘hand made paper cuts’ and they were really cheap and the designs were really neat so i figured i’d risk the $10 {!!!} and get one. well, after sort of forgetting about it {shipping from china takes a while!} i got it yesterday and it’s really really great! i thought that since they have many of the same design it wouldn’t be hand done, but it definitely is not done by a machine. the pictures that they have in the listing are really small, which stinks. here is my crappy scan, which also stinks.

it’s about 11″X14″ and the detail in the trees are wonderful! it sort of makes me feel weird that it was so cheap and someone is doing all of that work, but i guess maybe they are just selling themselves short. ??? i don’t know, but i’m glad that i took the chance!

the seller i bought from is; and they have a lot of amazing designs to pick from.

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