i think that the people at pantone must be reading my blog, my brain, or stealing my sketchbook at night. either that or i'm a really good forecaster. i'm actually leaning towards the latter. check out their summer 2010 color forecast, talisman:

The talisman is woven or spun magic. It holds light and has special powers. It is complex, mysterious and highly impressive. It transforms by touch and radiates energy. Almost a rainbow, it is a spectrum mixed with precious particles. Each colour has an edge a little out of reach. It is man and woman. Hard to capture, the talisman is forever pursued.

i mean, seriously?! i know that i haven't spoken too much about my thesis here, but i'm designing and printing fabric to create magical garments that both accept and repel tragedy. the colors are a little off from the ones i'm using for my collection; i've got more blues and blacks, but that green is pretty close as is the range of purples. i don't know how i feel about this...

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