4th of 4th.

wow, i was just 'tagged' by rhan and juliet over at the marvelous touch touch! i finally feel like a true blogger! it's a "fourth of fourth" blog assignment. the idea is that you go into the fourth folder of your photo files and pick the fourth photo from that folder.

now i wasn't sure whether that meant the fourth folder arranged alphabetically or by date modified or the forth image in my online photo folder!! so i'm just going to post all three...

alphabetically the forth folder is "alex's studio" and the forth picture is of the crazy dog knick-knack on his stove.

the forth folder arranged by date is "river swimming 2008". right before i left the great northeast i took a trip with friends to go rock jumping / swimming in the susquehanna river. this picture is of megan working up the nerve to jump!

the forth image in my online folder {before i just added those two} was this photograph from shorpy which is so amazing and i really just wanted a reason to post it!

i guess that it is my blogger duty to 'tag' people as well so i'm sending this on over to:

jana and aileen at rara avis are we because they are both geniuses.

paul pincus
because he has amazing taste.

and fall of james because i love seeing pictures of his cute family.


  1. excellent entry! i especially like the girl by the water. :)

  2. OK, I've carried out my orders. Cute kids included.

  3. Love the pictures and where do I join, the anti-flirt club, that it.

  4. i'm a terrible person ; )

    you are the first blogger to have tagged me (now, probably the last!)...and not only am i late to the party, but i failed to complete the task! that said, i could never ever post any of the images in the fourth folder of my photo files!!!

    ps thanks so much for the mention and the compliment! i'm seriously flattered : )