since the beginning of 2005 i've been keeping track of each and every book that i read. overall i'm at an average of one book every 1.58 weeks. not TOO shabby, but my ultimate goal is 50 books in one year. the greatness of summer and the outdoor fun that it brings usually gets in the way {and rightly so}, but i'm off to a great start this year {started my 17th book this morning at work,[ yes, at work]} so i think i'm off to a good head start. i've got a pretty long list of books i'm looking forward to reading, but i decided to look up pulitzer prize winners in order to read some books that are very likely to not stink. after looking at the list i realized that i've only read 4 winning books! to remedy this terrible, terrible situation i've added 10 books to my library queue.


  1. i'm totally jealous that your library lets you have a queue! so genius!

  2. yup, it's great! you can put whatever you want on there and tell them which library to bring it to and they email you when it's in!